Say Hello to Opera 11

As we had informed you yesterday , Opera will be releasing Opera 11 today and we have had a hands on with the preview build. Opera 11 has a bunch of new features such as stacked browsing, a mail client, safe address field and a range of other improvements which makes it the best browser Opera has ever made.

Hello, World

So read on to find out the additions and improvements made to Opera 11.

Tab stacking

Opera was one of the original tab pioneers and with tabbed browsing becoming the norm, people now need new ways to organize and arrange their tabs in an efficient manner. Opera had made that possible with what they call ‘Tab stacking’. Simply drag one tab on top of another to create a stack. There is no limit on how many tabs are in a stack or how many stacks you have open.

If you are a little confused, the video below will help you out.

Visual mouse gestures
Want to navigate through web pages at the flick of your wrist, the improved visual mouse gestures within Opera 11 are your best friends. The new visual guide makes it easier for you to master and discover the mouse gestures feature.

The Mouse Gestures in Action

Safer Address Bar
The new address bar in Opera 11 simplifies the information given to you. In addition to hiding the protocol information when the cursor is not on the address field, it now displays a clear badge which indicates the security level and allows immediate, one-click access to security and trust information about the site.

Upgraded Security

Opera 11 adds in the much asked for extensions feature, to personalize the browser and make it your own. Simply click Opera and select Extensions. Then, click “Get Extensions” to view the entire catalogue. The new extentions include “FastestTube” for downloading youtube videos, NoAds for blocking out those pesky annoying little ads and it even adds an Image Previewer and a translator.

In addition to the above mentioned features, Opera 11 has also improved in a number of ways. The Notes feature allows you to save text from a certain websites. All you need to do is simply highlight some text on the page you wish to save, right-click and select “Copy to Note”. Opera will save a note in the Notes panel, this panel will display all your saved texts and clicking on the note icon will return you to the page where you took the note.

Sometimes we have issues with a slow browser due to plug-ins eating away at the resources, but Opera 11 solves this by allowing plug-ins to be set on demand which improves performance by 30 percent.

“We have always worked hard to introduce new and bold ideas in web browsing,” said Jon von Tetzchner, Co-founder, Opera. “But, sometimes we want to take an idea and improve upon it. Opera 11 adds a layer of polish to features people have known and loved for more than a decade, while introducing extensions. If you have never tried Opera before, Opera 11 will change everything you know about browsing.”

Opera 11 is be available for download today, so go ahead, download it and share your experiences with us in the comments section.

Published Date: Dec 16, 2010 01:30 pm | Updated Date: Dec 16, 2010 01:30 pm