Samsung's New 3D TV - No Dizziness Here

Looks like Samsung and LG are really trying hard to get the better of one another. Just yesterday, I wrote about LG’s new ‘Flicker Free’ 3D TV, and how Samsung royally flattened it with a steam roller. Well, here’s how they’re taking it up another notch. Sources say that Samsung has just presented its newest 3D Smart TV which comes with a whole bunch of interactive features. And did I mention it has a special feature? This TV apparently has active 3D glasses (unlike LG's offering) that prevent eye fatigue and dizziness. Well, that was a quick announcement.

You won't fall out of your chair watching this TV

You won't fall out of your chair watching this TV



This TV lets you use a barrage of application like Skype and GTalk, and gives you access to your networked media via DLNA. One more awesome thing about this TV is that you can actually control it through your Samsung Android smartphone or your Galaxy Tab. Pretty sweet, huh?

It’s pretty plain to see that LG and Samsung are at loggerheads here, and they’re desperately trying to pull each other down. Well, this can only mean good for consumers, as the war will definitely get us some great products. I can only wonder what LG is going to come up with next.

Published Date: Feb 19, 2011 02:50 pm | Updated Date: Feb 19, 2011 02:50 pm