Samsung's New 2-Platter 1TB HDD Heading for Notebooks

Samsung has pulled off the covers of its new baby, the Spinpoint M8 internal hard drive for laptops. The magic lies in the AFT (Advanced Format Technology) tech used to pack in more data per platter allowing Samsung to ram in 500GB per platter. The drives are currently in mass production and will be available worldwide for an MSRP of $129 (approx. Rs.5,900). 


Breaking the 1TB 2.5

Breaking the 1TB 2.5" barrier




The new Spinpoint M8 will use a SATA II connector and come with an 8MB buffer. Samsung has also added EcoSeek and NoiseGuard features for more efficient operation. There’s a slight re-design done to the structure, as well to ensure it's shock resistant to protect it from data loss. The real advantage of having more GBs per platter is lesser drive heads, one less platter so the size can be smaller and fit in the 2.5” standard that all laptops adhere to. Also due to the reduced parts, the drive is more power efficient which according to Samsung, can give a 7 per cent increase in operational speed and up to 8 per cent decrease in power usage resulting in better battery life for your notebooks.  

Published Date: Jun 10, 2011 03:41 pm | Updated Date: Jun 10, 2011 03:41 pm