Samsung working on emotion-sensing smartphone?

Social networks are used by many to express their state of mind at all times, be it joy, anger, fear or even hatred. Samsung’s R&D group has now developed a prototype of the Galaxy S II that will block its users from posting tweets and status updates depending upon their emotional state. The emotional emoticon will appear next to each tweet, so that the user’s friends can understand the emotional state in which the social network has been used such as sleepy, angry, sad and even drunk.

Smartphone will know your emotional state

Smartphone will know your emotional state (Image Credit: Getty Images)


Basically, it infers the state of mind of the user by taking certain factors under consideration such as how quickly you type, how much the phone shakes, the number of backspace mistakes, special symbols used and so on. The Galaxy S II prototype supposedly calculates if the user is angry, surprised, happy, sad, fearful, or disgusted, with 67.5 percent accuracy.

The first client is Twitter, which will place a label denoting the state of mind of the user. Emotion recognition, a part of affective computing, deals with computer software that is capable of measuring, interpreting and reacting to feelings. However, devices learn only over a period of time by analyzing its owner's behavior. So, next time you are angry, your device may just stop you from texting or using social networks. Would you like your phone to serve as an emotion sensing device?

Published Date: Jan 11, 2012 10:53 am | Updated Date: Jan 11, 2012 10:53 am