Samsung Wave S8500 to Get Bada 1.2

About a week back, we heard of Samsung coming out with their latest OS, Bada 2.0. People were still wondering whether the Wave phones will be getting the update. For now, the original Wave S8500 looks all set to get upgraded, but to the Bada 1.2 OS.

Although it’s not that much of a leap towards the best UI and a plethora of features (read as Bada 2.0), upgrading to Bada 1.2 will be quite a change. At least Wave users now have some UI changes and a few bug fixes. Also, there are some security improvements and the T9 Trace input method (which is something similar to Swype). Earlier this month, Samsung launched the Bada 1.2 SDK enabling users to make their own Flash-based apps so this might be applicable for the S8500 users also.

Getting a Bada update?

The update should be officially out early next year for unlocked European models and the rest of the Wave S8500 phones should be following suit.

The upgrade is certainly a good start for the Wave S8500 phones but many of the Samsung Wave users will be wishing that they get to upgrade their phones to Bada 2.0 sooner or later. Let’s hope for the best!

Published Date: Dec 28, 2010 03:55 pm | Updated Date: Dec 28, 2010 03:55 pm