Samsung unfazed by new iPad; only happy to point it out to the media

Apple's new iPad announcement a few days back left many unimpressed and you can place Samsung on the top of that list. The Korean company sent out an e-mail to all media houses with a little comparison chart of their upcoming Galaxy Note 10.1 and the new iPad. Obviously, only those features that would trump the iPad were highlighted in the list. Samsung focussed on the new features of the Note 10.1 (mostly software updates) and the possibilities of the S-Pen.

Taking digs at the big apple

Taking digs at the big apple



Starting with the most glaringly obvious differences, the Note 10.1 clearly wins when it comes to portability, as it's lighter and thinner. As it turns out, the new tablet will also feature an IR port, just like the Sony Tablet S did, allowing you control your home entertainment setup with. This is a handy feature and we do wish more devices had it. Another new addition to TouchWiz in the Note 10.1 will be the ability to view two apps side-by-side and work on them, simultaneously. This will appeal greatly to PC users and hence, is a very nice addition; one that we can't wait to try out.


Samsung also point out the ability to do some precision writing and drawing on the Note 10.1, something the new iPad can't do. To an extent, they are right, since the Note 10.1 will have the same inductive touch screen layer, as the Note did, which allows for more accurate and precise touch input. So yes, as far as productivity goes where the pen is concerned, the Note 10.1 does have its advantages. But, if you look at the bigger picture, then the new iPad seems like a better bet for media consumption and creation. The new high resolution screen is no doubt better than any 10-inch Android tablet and the upgraded camera should help one capture much better photographs. Plus, Apple as added a whole bunch of changes to the new iLife suite, including iPhoto, iMovie and Garage Band. 


Samsung's trying their level best to one up Apple, in every little chance they get. However, this new stunt could be looked at as a sign of weakness on Samsung's part and the fact that they may be a little unsure about the fate of their unreleased tablet. If your product is good, it will speak for itself and there's no real need to go out of your way and try to convince people, especially the media. We haven't heard any response from Apple regarding this, but we doubt Samsung has ruffled any feathers here.  


Published Date: Mar 12, 2012 04:46 pm | Updated Date: Mar 12, 2012 04:46 pm