Samsung to pay Microsoft royalty

South Korea-based Samsung Electronics will now have to pay Microsoft for every Android-based handset or tablet it sells hereon, as royalty fees. Microsoft had alleged that both Android and Linux platforms infringe on the patents that it owns, and hence it deserved to be compensated. According to a report in thinq, Microsoft’s General Counsel, Brad Smith confirmed the decision and stated that all Samsung Galaxy products, i.e. Galaxy S II smartphones and Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, run on Android and therefore, qualify for the royalty claims. Smith, reportedly, also referred to this decision with Samsung to be the "most important Android patent licence to date".


Android in it infringes Microsoft's patent

Android in it infringes Microsoft's patent




Although Samsung hasn't stated anything in this respect, so far, the implications of this decision would definitely show. Early this week, we mentioned about Samsung's Galaxy S II smartphone selling as many 10 million handsets, since its debut. Now, if Samsung has to pay Microsoft fees towards royalty for every handset it sells, then it would add up to a large number.


Samsung is definitely not the first in this list. Earlier in the month Acer and ViewSonic also agreed to pay Microsoft royalty fees against the sale of their Android-based devices. 

Published Date: Sep 29, 2011 05:08 pm | Updated Date: Sep 29, 2011 05:08 pm