Samsung to Pay $15 Per Handset for Using Microsoft’s Patents

If software giant, Microsoft has his way, then South Korea based consumer electronics major, Samsung will have to cough up $15 for every Android-based smartphone that the latter produces. Microsoft, apparently, is the patentee of an exhaustive range of patents that the mobile platform integrates.

Seeking patent rights..

Seeking patent rights..


Samsung, however, is believed to be working on a way to go in for a more fruitful association with Microsoft to lower the payback price to $10, by integrating the latter’s Windows platform, stated a BBC report. Samsung isn’t the first brand to have been asked to pay up such a price for every handset it manufactures. Sometime in April, last year Microsoft had locked a similar licensing deal with HTC.

However, no word from Samsung has been received yet on this issue.

Published Date: Jul 07, 2011 03:32 pm | Updated Date: Jul 07, 2011 03:32 pm