Samsung to Launch WiFi-only Galaxy Tab

Samsung followed up its formal launch of the Galaxy Media Player with an announcement that it would begin shipping Wi-Fi only versions of the Galaxy Tab soon. We all know that the original Galaxy Tab comes with 3G and phone functionality, which is what will be missing in the new version.

Going the opposite direction

Funnily enough, this follows the exact opposite pattern than the Apple iPad. The iPad first came out as a Wi-Fi only device which was then followed up by a 3G-enabled version. By going in the opposite direction, does Samsung perhaps want to lure customers into buying the device thanks to the lower price point the new version will have?

Either way, it’s good to see Tablets available across different needs and at different price points. There are a lot more tablets expected to release at CES 2011 though, so stay tuned.

Published Date: Jan 06, 2011 09:59 am | Updated Date: Jan 06, 2011 09:59 am