Samsung to launch new 830 series SSDs

Samsung Electronics have announced the launch of a new line-up of internal solid state drives, called the Samsung SSD 830 series. These upcoming drives incorporate a Serial ATA Revision 3.0 interface, which uses double the data bandwidth the previous 470 series possessed. The new range comes in a metal enclosure with a black tone and a small orange rectangle in the corner that states the drives memory capacity. The 830 series come with a maximum of 512GB of storage, but allows full support for SATA’s 6Gbps maximum speeds. Samsung's new 830 series SSDs

Samsung's new 830 series SSDs



Samsung also plans to bundle the device with the ‘Samsung Magician software’ that allows users access to system information, performance optimization, firmware updates, data cloning and performance benchmarking. Another software, called the Norton Ghost will be integrated into the drive that eliminates the need for users to reinstall applications, manually move data or reconfigure user settings. The bundle also includes a bracket for installing the 2.5-inch drive in a 3.5-inch bay including cables and instructions. Notebook upgrade kits include a USB to SATA adapter cable. However, if these software will actually accentuate the usage of the product will be known only when the drives become available. 


The Samsung SSD 830 series will be available in capacities of 64, 128, 256 and 512GB. No news on the pricing has been disclosed yet, but full details will be revealed at Samsung's official launch, scheduled for October 2011.


SSDs utilize flash memory for data storage rather than the spinning platters found on conventional hard disk drives. This results in much faster performance, lower energy consumption, reduced heat output and improved reliability without risk of a hard drive crash. But, if Samsung has to make a statement with these new SSDs, they need to ensure that the product is competitively priced.