Samsung sues Apple in South Korea

Those hoping to see an end to the ongoing Apple vs Samsung lawsuit are in for a huge disappointment. Reports now confirm that Samsung Electronics Co. has now filed a fresh lawsuit against Apple Inc. back home, in South Korea, thereby beginning a fresh round of allegations the Cupertino-based company. Samsung filed a fresh lawsuit against Apple on Tuesday, in a court in Seoul. The fresh allegations see Samsung accuse Apple of infringing on three of its utility patents, pertaining to - methods of displaying data, the user interface, and short text messages, in the latter’s iPhone 4S smartphones, and the iPad2 tablet computer.


Fresh battle begins..


Both Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. have currently have lawsuits ongoing in 10 countries with over 30 cases filed, so far. It all began, last year, when Apple began accusing Samsung of copying the designs of the highly popular iPhones and iPads; an accusation to which Samsung retorted with counter allegations against Apple.Needless to add, both Apple and Samsung are vying the top place in the global smartphone market; with both brands having introduced some really well-performing, popular smartphones in the past.

Now a fresh lawsuit clearly means that in the current year, things just may get uglier for the one-time friends. The report further stated that, "Samsung counter-sued, saying Apple infringed on its patents and failed to pay royalties. Apple is also involved in patent battles in separate disputes with other smartphone makers using Google's free Android platform, the fastest growing mobile operating system, which is used by Samsung, Motorola Mobility Holdings and HTC Corp."


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Published Date: Mar 07, 2012 05:57 pm | Updated Date: Mar 07, 2012 05:57 pm