Samsung shows off part 2 of Premium Suite upgrade for Galaxy S III

Samsung has released a video showcasing the second part of the Premium Suite upgrade that will grace the Galaxy S III. The video shows off some of the features like Paper Artist; Camera, Low Light Shot; and Camera, Best Face. Apart from this, there are also some new features mentioned, such as Easy Mode, Sound Balance, Setup Wizard and Camera Easy Snap.

The second part of the Premium Suite upgrade is all about the powerful multimedia characteristics that will feature with this update. The brand talks about Paper Artist and states that a user can make a picture like a pop artist and change the mood of their pictures whenever they want.


Commenting on the new camera features, Samsung states that in Camera, Low Light, users of the upgraded Samsung Galaxy S III will have a Low-Light-Shot function that makes taking images in dark areas easier. In Camera, Best Face, Samsung states, “Best Face takes 5 consecutive pictures and lets you choose the best face for each person among those shots” This helps in selecting images where the subject is not blinking; Samsung claims that Best Face is the solution to the problem of blinking.

Samsung has  also added new features and better accessibility. It starts off by talking about the Easy Mode, using which one can set up five of the most frequently used widgets on the homescreen.

Samsung is also throwing in a feature called Sound Balance, which allows a user to adjust the balance of volume on each side of earphones. In the Setup Wizard mode, the accessibility menu is seen right away on the screen after the the cellphone is turned on.

The brand has also spoken about another new feature called Camera Easy Snap, “With ‘talk back’ and ‘face detection’ on your settings menu, the GALAXY S III tells you how many faces it can detect on the camera preview.”

It was earlier reported that Samsung had announced Part 1 of the Premium Suite for the Galaxy S III. The Premium Suite upgrade pack will be kitted with features such as Page Buddy, Contextual Menu and Contextual Tag. Apart from this, the Galaxy S III will also receive enhanced features such as Multi Window, Auto Shot Pairing using NFC, Reader Mode and Facebook Lock Ticker.

Commenting on one of these features, Samsung explained that in Page Buddy, the Galaxy S III will smartly predict what a user intends to do according to their actions. When a user plugs in their earphones, the device automatically opens up a page with the music player.


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Published Date: Dec 10, 2012 13:16 PM | Updated Date: Dec 10, 2012 13:16 PM