Samsung Shows off a Seamless Foldable AMOLED Display

While we have seen plenty of foldable display screens, the one issue that must have bugged many is the seam in the middle. It definitely makes quite a difference when you’re viewing a video or something of that sort. However, news doin the rounds is that Samsung has built a foldable AMOLED display which doesn’t have a seam in the middle.

Some new screens to look for

Some new screens to look for


It also looks like this screen can sustain quite a bit of pressure because the brightness of the screen in the centre had reduced only by 6 percent (something not visible to the human eye) and that was after a 100,000 folds. Samsung made this seamless display using two AMOLED screens, silicone rubber, a glass cover and a modular case.

This is not the first time when Samsung came with stuff pertaining to foldable screens. They came out with a foldable TV in December last year and the video below will show you an earlier version of the foldable screen. You’ll notice easily that the seam in the middle is clearly visible.

If this seamless screen actually hits the commercial segment, we can definitely look forward to foldable phones and tablets.

Published Date: May 14, 2011 02:58 pm | Updated Date: May 14, 2011 02:58 pm