Samsung SCX-3201 - World's Smallest Laser Multifunction Printer

Samsung’s ideology for innovation is to simplify usability and make products more convenient for their customers. When it comes to their new line of printers this ideology is very plain to see. This, the SCX-3201 Samsung printer is all about one-touch convenience and multi-tasking versatility.

A newly added feature to the new line of printers is a handy print screen that will allow users to print whatever’s on the screen with just a single key press — it’s even conveniently located right on the printer itself for easy access. The one-touch eco print button saves paper while the default toner mode makes saving toner effortless. For those looking for more than just a printer the SCX-3201 also accommodates your copy and scanning needs providing a range of multitasking functionality.

One Touch printing from your screen

Thanks to the SCX-3201's added functionality and convenience of the Print Screen button you’ll be able to print whatever’s on your screen quickly and easily. It’s a matter of a single button press. The function even manages to easily edit and crop unwanted content-clutter from original webpages or documents. If a single page is what you want, it’s what you’ll get. Simply hold the button for more than two seconds and the SCX-3201 prints the activated window on your screen.

It’s time we started saving the environment and Samsung knows how to do that quite well. With a range of eco friendly products and functions like a one-touch eco print option in devices like the SCX-3201 Printer, they’ve got saving the earth covered. The one-touch eco print button on the printer allows you to combine two pages into one document with less toner consumption, saving you valuable time. It’s also very conveniently located on the front panel for easy access. And choosing the eco print option automatically makes it your default setting. Saving paper, toner and ultimately the earth is an added bonus.

Do more than just print
The SCX-3201 is well equipped for versatility and multi-tasking seamlessly. Whether you’re using it for business or pleasure it get’s the job done quickly and painlessly and it doesn’t need to focus on one job at a time. Performance is delivered consistently irrespective of what you’re using it for. Be it printing, copying or scanning convenience, ease and speed are exactly what that Samsung’s SCX-3201 will deliver. Why clutter a corner of your office with several different machines when all you need is one versatile device – the 3-in-1 SCX-3201 laser multifunction printer.

Another added bonus is that the SCX-3201 is a silent worker. Gone are days when noisy printing was a distraction. A printer should simply be seen and not heard. It’s been designed to generating a noise level of just 49 dBA while it’s printing which means it doesn’t add to the existing level of noise pollution. That’s less than the gentle hum of a running refrigerator! Another Green feature.

Good things come in small packages

What adds to the overall appeal of the SCX-3201 is it’[s comfortable size. Measuring an ultra compact 388 x 299 x 234mm (15.3" x 11.8" x 9.2"), the Samsung SCX-3201 has a smaller size than most other laser multifunctional printer on the market. It’s designed to fit into tight spaces so even if you’re desk is cluttered; you’ll always find space for the SCX-3201.

Samsung’s SCX-3201 also works well with the AnyWeb Print software that lets you go hunting and gathering on the Web. The printer lets you select, drag, and drop content from different web pages onto a printable scrap board in your browser window, while you’re still working on the web. This makes it highly convenient for collecting, arranging and editing reference points and resources from the web for projects and or personal work.

The Samsung SCX-3201 is also a speedy little printer - 16ppm for A4 paper, 17ppm for letter-sized. This of course enhances your overall productivity by seriously cutting down on the time you waste waiting and watching a print come out onto the tray. In Ready Mode, the SCX-3201 features a First Page Output Time (FPOT) of just 8.5 seconds and an impressive 1200 x 1200dpi print resolution. That’s pretty impressive as desktop printers go.

The SCX-3201 is designed to be a handy work solution for those who rely on the print medium at home or at work. In a nutshell it’s fast, silent, efficient, small enough to fit almost anywhere and most importantly, the SCX-3201 is designed for convenience.

Published Date: Dec 01, 2010 11:12 am | Updated Date: Dec 01, 2010 11:12 am