Samsung Rumoured to Buy Nokia

Just last week, there were rumours on the web that Microsoft was thinking of buying Nokia. These rumours were shot down by Nokia. Nokia is currently working with Microsoft on their upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices. There have been analysts who claim that Nokia should get out of the slump and improve once the WP7 phones arrive, but they won’t be able to take on the might of Android and iPhones. Nokia ended up in a mess after failed attempts to develop customer interest in the Symbian OS. 



Nokia’s stocks have been dropping, and more similar rumours have started surfacing. The latest one states that Samsung is thinking of buying Nokia. If rumours are true, the deal might be somewhere to the tune of $20 billion. Samsung has refused to comment on the story, since it’s against company policy. While Samsung is doing well and will have little to gain by paying this sizable amount. Microsoft was rumoured to be buying Nokia for an approximate $19 billion.


Source: Business Insider