Samsung reveals next piece of the S III puzzle with new teaser video

Yesterday, Samsung posted a cryptic URL on their Twitter feed which took you to a page with a countdown timer and the words, “You can take the next step in”. Well, now that the timer has lapsed, we are greeted with a new teaser video for the next Galaxy phone, which is undoubtedly the S III or whatever Samsung decides to call it. The video can be found on the same URL, but unlike the teaser for the Galaxy Nexus, this one doesn’t really give us any insights into any aspect of the phone itself.

Another clue to nothing

Another clue to nothing


The video begins in the wilderness showing a distant city, all lit up in the night. The camera then zooms into outer space along with text that reads ‘Where a galaxy fits perfectly into your hand’. This is a subtle hint that the phone won’t be as massive as the Galaxy Note or possibly, the Galaxy Nexus. We have a feeling Samsung may just stick to the 4.3-inch screen but with a much higher resolution. This makes perfect sense and we hope they do that. The camera then pans out across different galaxies along with another line, ‘Your view of the world grows even wider’. This could hint at the aspect ratio of the new phone. It’s hard to gauge anything from the rest of the video until you get to the last bit which shows a herd of sheep and the line, ‘…everyone else’. It seems like Samsung is taking dig at iOS users, who’ve been referred as iSheep in the past. The video ends with the Samsung logo and those very same blobs of metallic paint we saw in the invite. This definitely hints to the type of material used in the chassis of the S III or if not, at least the colours it will be available in.  Sadly, we don’t have any real clue about the phone itself and looking at how Samsung is hyping their next-gen Galaxy phone, we really doubt those leaked pictures are the real deal.

It appears as if Samsung is trying to throw us off the track here into thinking that the GT-I9300 is indeed the S III, which it isn’t (at least, that’s what we hope). Only a few days are left for Samsung’s Mobile Unpacked 2012 event which will take place on May 3, so see you then.


Published Date: Apr 24, 2012 10:59 am | Updated Date: Apr 24, 2012 10:59 am