Samsung pits Galaxy S4 against the elements in 'reliability test' video

Samsung is leaving no stone unturned in showcasing the attributes of its flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4. Using the tagline “Expecting the Unexpected”, the company has put the reliability of the Galaxy S4 to test in a video that literally pits the phone against the elements.

Samsung put the Galaxy S4 through a range of tasks that involved dropping the phone several times, attempting to shatter the front glass using a drill as well as dipping the phone in a sink of water. One of the more extreme tests seen involved putting the phone in an oven before dropping it in a basin full of salt water.

Another one that we got to see in slow motion was the phone being thrown by a robotic hand, with enough force to shatter a coffee mug. The test names are self explanatory, with the Galaxy S4 being put through drop test, impact test, sink test, as well as humidity and temperature test to check the reliability of the smartphone.

Samsung shows the reliability of the Galaxy S4 with a new video

Samsung shows the reliability of the Galaxy S4 with a new video


According to the company, the phone had to remain fully functional after each task in order to pass the test. What is interesting to note though is that the company did not release the actual number of tests that the Galaxy S4 passed or failed in.



As reported earlier, Samsung has earlier received a lot of flak for the reliability of its smartphones. The most recent case seen was when a Galaxy S3 exploded while being charged. The enraged user then went to reddit to post images showing the extent of the damage, with a burnt pillow and phone showcased very clearly.


Now it seems like Samsung is trying to remedy that with the assurance that the Galaxy S4 is a phone that can withstand most external problems. The official blog does put a disclaimer stating that these tests were done by professionals and should not be attempted at home.

Published Date: Jun 13, 2013 12:58 pm | Updated Date: Jun 13, 2013 12:58 pm