Samsung overtakes Nokia to claim top spot in Finnish smartphone market

Samsung has taken over Nokia’s spot as the top mobile seller in Finland, according to figures provided by IDC. Nokia has now been pushed out in its domestic market, where Samsung has recorded a market share of 36.1 percent as opposed to the Finnish company’s 33.6 percent.

According to IDC, the South Korean company shipped 211,000 devices in the first quarter of this year, in comparison to the 196,000 that Nokia brought in.

According to a report by the Verge, there has been a drastic change in the market shares that the smartphone companies have enjoyed so far. In 2012, Nokia commanded 48 percent of the market share in comparison to Samsung’s market share, which stood at 28 percent. This in turn can be compared to the 2010 research which showed that Nokia enjoyed 65 percent of the market share in Finland.

Samsung takes over Nokia's position in Finnish smartphones market.

Samsung takes over Nokia's position in Finnish smartphones market.


In a report by the WSJ, a research director at the IDC said that in the breakdown of the market share, 80 percent of the units that Samsung is shipping are smartphones. Nokia, in the meanwhile, is splitting its market share between smartphones and more basic phones. 

In addition, Samsung, in partnership with the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, was reported by YLE as setting up a new research hub in Espoo, Finland, which will start operations on June 13.

With the help of this new data, it can be said that Samsung is steadily building on its reputation as the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer. However, Nokia has been launching several low-end phones like the Asha 501, which is being positioned in the space between feature phones and smartphones, and might help bridge the gap in sales.


The Finnish company also recorded good sales for its Lumia smartphone series in the first quarter of 2013, but continues to struggle to make its mark in major markets like the US. From all this, it seems unlikely that Samsung will be unlodged from its top spot in market shares anytime soon.

Published Date: May 29, 2013 04:30 pm | Updated Date: May 29, 2013 04:30 pm