Samsung Mobile Display Shows Off Foldable 3D OLED TV

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could simply take your entertainment with you? Now, you might say that’s possible with portable media players and phones, but those won’t give you the full experience. Samsung Mobile Display is way ahead of everyone else where this is concerned, as they have just displayed their foldable OLED screen at the FPD International 2010. This screen supports Full HD, as well as 3D, and can wrap itself around virtually anything. It also offers superior colour reproduction, super fast response time and wide viewing angles.

Foldable, flexible and awesome!

This TV will open up a new world of possibilities when it comes to entertainment. Just imagine the convenience; you will be able to watch an action flick in 3D with your friends in the evening, simply fold up the TV, and carry it to your girlfriend’s place just in time to cosy up and watch a romantic comedy. Sounds just like magic, doesn’t it? But don’t get your hopes up too high, for this is just a prototype, and is a long way from mass production. And let us also keep in mind that this will definitely be a product that some of us will have to sell our kidneys for.

Via OLED Display

Published Date: Dec 02, 2010 02:37 pm | Updated Date: Dec 02, 2010 02:37 pm