Samsung Might Supply Displays for Apple's Next-Gen iPad

Apple’s known for sourcing displays from other companies, like LG Display and Toshiba.  There are now reports coming out of Korea that state Apple’s now looking at Samsung as a viable partner to manufacture displays for their next generation tablet, the iPad 2.

You might not see IPS panels like this one on iPads anymore

In something that might put all the Retina Display and 2048x1536 (which will lead to non-existent battery life anyway) rumours to rest, the latest rumour states that Apple’s planning on switching from the IPS panel, that they used on the original iPad, to a Super PLS (Plane-to-line switching) display that Samsung demoed in November last year. The Super PLS reportedly offers much better viewing angles when compared to IPS displays.

"Although Samsung is performing well in the smart device market with its Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab, it was probably difficult to ignore Apple’s strong influence in the market,” said Korea Herald's industry source. "Samsung did supply a large amount in the semiconductor field to Apple, but it did lag a little behind in displays, which is why becoming the main LCD panel supplier for the iPad 2 would have an impact."

Either way, the iPad 2 is expected to come out later this year and has been making its way into the news every second day, but there’s still no official announcement from Apple’s side yet.

Published Date: Feb 14, 2011 02:38 pm | Updated Date: Feb 14, 2011 02:38 pm