Samsung Link replaces AllShare Play, brings new interface and features

Samsung has decided to completely revamp its AllShare Play feature, replacing it with a whole new service. The new Samsung Link brings a lot to the table, according to Samsung, including a new interface and some nifty new features.

According to the company, Samsung Link is really useful if you want to share and play content across the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and through all your other Samsung devices. From what the video released by the company shows, users can now watch content from their phone on the Smart TV, manage files on their PC from a smartphone and also listen to music stored on the home PC pretty much anywhere. And Samsung says this is just a few of the things it has planned with Samsung Link.

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Samsung replaces its AllShare Play with Samsung Link



Samsung Link allows users to upload images taken with their smartphones automatically to the home PC as well as access content from services like Dropbox. Content can also be accessed online through the service’s website. While the image upload feature is seen on Google+ as well, it may be interesting to see what more the company has to offer.


The announcement also assures users that they don’t need to worry about content that was previously stored on AllShare Play, or devices that they were were using with it, for that matter. Samsung Link will support all of the earlier content as well, as long as you have your Samsung account handy.



The service overall also has a new interface that is brighter than the old one, according to the company. Some of the new features that have been announced so far include the possibility to search for content on all the devices registered on your account.


This feature will make browsing for images and using them with third-party apps a lot easier for users. Samsung seems pretty confident about its new offering. Now its up to the users to decide if Samsung Link is as good as AllShare Play feature that they were previously used to.

Published Date: May 25, 2013 02:17 pm | Updated Date: May 25, 2013 02:17 pm