Samsung insulted in Lumia challenge video, cries foul

Nokia India recently started their ‘Blown Away By Nokia’ campaign and it seems that they are going all guns blazing in promoting their latest Nokia Lumia smartphones. At one of the events in Delhi, one of the participants was asked to click a picture, tag it and upload it to Facebook. The time taken by the two devices was compared with the eventual winner in that particular incident being the Nokia Lumia phone. Well, the guy did state that the Lumia phone won and that he was using a ‘Samsung Galaxy’ phone, but that’s not it. Once he lost the mini competition, the girl along with him got pretty fed up and said that his current phone was ‘the worst piece of sh*t’. Now, that certainly didn’t go too well with a certain Korean giant who, via a spokeswoman, said that, "The campaign is clearly unethical", as reported by The Handheld Blog. You can have a look at the video below.

We all know that Samsung currently has a massive share in the market and this aggressive marketing strategy by Nokia may just be the start of a new war that we might have to see in the times to come. For their part, Nokia mentioned that this competition was validated by Nielsen, while also mentioning that the Lumia 800 clearly won in 94 percent of the total 104 challenges that were timed and judged by Nielsen. We have seen a lot of these in the recent past with Samsung taking on Apple, but being at the receiving end is a whole new story, altogether. The competition was simply based on who can upload to social networking sites faster, so it clearly wasn’t a representation of which phone is better. However, with this ad, Nokia definitely is trying to make a statement with its new Lumia smartphone range. Either way, the girl did do a pretty good job at ridiculing the guy’s tastes.

So, what do you guys think – Blown away by the Lumia or just plain bad acting? Either way, let us know in the comments section below!

Published Date: Apr 14, 2012 10:36 am | Updated Date: Apr 14, 2012 10:36 am