Samsung has partnered with Government of Karnataka to digitize healthcare, improve facilities

Samsung has announced a partnership with Karnataka Government where the company will provide infrastructure tools like Samsung Tab IRIS to improve the health care facilities of the state. This is a part of the Memorandum of Understanding that the company singed with the Karnataka government for the joint venture to provide advanced technological support to improve the management of medical subsidies and operations and operation at Primary Health Care facilities.

Samsung Research and Development Institute in Banglore (SRI-B) will provide Department of Health in Government of Karnataka with 1,000 Samsung Tab IRIS.

This will allow the government to build a digital database of all the operations, subsidies and other information like details about patient treatment, diagnosis, drug availability, and deliveries along with GPS information to cross-reference the location. The tab will come with a SIM and allow health care officials to conduct IRIS scanning for Aadhaar authentication.

However, this move highlights the need for National eHealth Authority (NeHA) as announced by Government of India in December 2016. The authority will enforce regulations to maintain security and privacy of the electronically collected health data of users. It will also regulate the exchange and storage of the Electronic Health Records (EHR) of the patients. Government announced an expansive plan where an Online Registration System (ORS) will be provided to patients to provide them with online appointment system. Government also highlighted an online medical report system for patients registered on the ORS platform.

This digitisation ties in with the plan to launch virtual clinics where Doctors and specialists can connect to patients using these tablets and give prescriptions on the fly. This will also give doctors access to the records to analyse the records to suggest any preventive measures about any issue.

This will further allow Primary Health Care officials to access information about the latest welfare schemes as reported by Medianama. This allows easier access to the latest information and benefits to patients under government schemes like Janani Suraksha Yojana.

Published Date: Mar 17, 2017 12:52 PM | Updated Date: Mar 17, 2017 12:52 PM