Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi Specs Reveal Dark Secrets

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is doing quite well for itself despite the iPad juggernaut. We also reviewed it a few months ago and you can read the review here. But now that Samsung have released a Wi-Fi only model of the Galaxy Tab, news on its specs is not all that rosy.

Im a bit slower..but only a little

I'm a bit slower.. but only a little


According to members over at the XDAdevelopers Forum, they have found that the Wi-Fi only model sports a 1GHz A8 Cortex processor, while the 3G model uses a 1GHz, Cortex A8 Hummingbird processor. This means the processor used in the Wi-Fi only model is that of a older generation.


That is not the only thing that been changed, the GPU has also received a downgrade. The Wi-Fi model is powered by a PowerVR SGX 530, while its 3G cousin has a PowerVR SGX 540. While how this is affects performance is yet to be known, a user who has used the Wi-Fi only device says that “The performance is not good. I see noticeable lag when pulling down the notification bar. I go and check out 3G version. It’s lot better”.

The difference between the two models is kind of disturbing. If one does not require a 3G model, does that automatically entitle him or her to make do with a lower spec device?

Published Date: May 05, 2011 09:12 pm | Updated Date: May 05, 2011 09:12 pm