Samsung Galaxy Tab Gets a Honeycomb Port

Although Samsung should have got this a long time back for the Galaxy Tab, the fact is that the tablet is still waiting for an official OTA update from its current FroYo OS to Honeycomb. However it looks like only the peeps at the XDA Developers community can provide some temporary relief. There’s a Honeycomb port that’s been readied for the Galaxy Tab.

A little bit of Honeycomb for you...

A little bit of Honeycomb for you...


The Honeycomb ROM is still in its early stages so although the OS is functional, it still has tendencies to crash. Probably after some waiting, users can download a more stable build of the Honeycomb ROM.

After seeing the unofficial Honeycomb ROM for the Galaxy Tab, we definitely want to see Samsung giving some more love to their tablet and releasing a firmware update soon. Also now that there are talks of the 8.9 and 10-inch versions of the Galaxy Tab possibly hitting India, we definitely hope to see an upgrade dished quickly.

Published Date: Apr 06, 2011 04:02 pm | Updated Date: Apr 06, 2011 04:02 pm