Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 up for pre-order, costs a bomb!

Before you get too excited, it’s only up for pre-order in the U.S, as of now, but it shouldn’t be long till we see it pop up on our favorite Indian online store, too. Most of you may have forgotten the Tab 7.7, which was announced alongside the Galaxy Note back at IFA 2011. Think of it as a hybrid between the Note and the Galaxy Tab 730, as if Samsung didn’t have enough tablets on the shelves already. The worrying part, though is the pricing, which according to MobileCityOnline puts it at $699 (Rs.35,649) for the 16GB Wi-Fi model. The Tab 10.1 or 750 is cheaper than this!

Confused yet?

Confused yet?


It’s really hard to justify this pricing when you have similar offerings (should we say better?) from the same company at lower price points. The GT-P6810 is virtually identical to the Tab 8.9 or 730 in design and specifications, except for some areas. One, this Tab will come with expandable memory and a smaller battery, of course due to the size. Two, it will sport the same overclocked Exynos chipset seen in the Note and three, and this is a big one, it will sport a gorgeous 7.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, which for many would be reason enough to get one.

I don’t think Samsung thought this one through, though, as clearly these devices are launching too soon and eating into the sales of the other. The 8.9 or 730 just recently came and so did the Note, both hovering around the same price point. With the Tab 7.7 thrown into the mix, how do you make a decision on which Tab to get?

Published Date: Dec 07, 2011 09:26 am | Updated Date: Dec 07, 2011 09:26 am