Samsung Galaxy S4 sees a price drop, now available for Rs 40,000

Looks like there’s more trouble for HTC One, which is yet to hit shelves in Indian stores. Samsung’s Galaxy S4, the One’s biggest competition, has seen a price drop in the market.

The Samsung flagship is now available for Rs 40,000 with bill and complete warranty in stores. While giving those benefits up will bring the price down further to Rs 37,000. That’s the price of the phone at Mumbai’s Heera Panna market, so you are likely to get the S4 at a similar price in comparable stores. At that price, Samsung’s smartphone is aiming straight for the Xperia Z, which is also going for around that price in the market.


Now cheaper!



In terms of raw specs, very little differentiates the two phones and both offer 1080p displays, have super-fast processors powering them and boast high-end cameras along with a unique software experience. But the major difference is that the S4 is currently being sold in stores officially, while HTC is still wrapping up the delivery of shipments to its distributors and retailers.


While price drops like this are often seen after the phone has launched, in the case of HTC, the One is being sold at a premium in the grey market and that too without the perk of a warranty scheme. The HTC One’s current grey market price of Rs 48,000 is miles ahead of the grey market price of the S4. Samsung has once again played to its strengths and moved in quickly to capitalise on the advantage handed over by the delay in HTC One.

Published Date: May 13, 2013 06:21 pm | Updated Date: May 13, 2013 06:21 pm