Samsung Galaxy S III rumoured to support wireless charging

The rumour mills continue to churn speculations about, what’s possibly the mobile industry's most anxiously awaited Android. There’s a good reason for all this excitement as Samsung’s previous two Galaxy S smartphones have been huge successes, so there’s a lot of pressure on Samsung to raise the bar one more time. The Galaxy S III was a no-show at MWC, but that’s only because Samsung will be hosting their own event on March 22nd, where in all probability, the S III will be revealed. Coming back to our latest rumour, the new droid is said to support wireless charging, and none of that last-gen inductive charging nonsense.

Is this what the S III will look like?

Wireless charging may be a possibility


So far, the only real commercial wireless charging options have been through the use of inductive charging mats. This required you to use a special battery, which when placed on the mat would charge the phone. Wireless charging, however, will make use of magnetic fields to transfer power to the phone. How it works is the adapter that’s plugged into the wall will have a transmitter coil, which will generate a magnetic field. This will induce a voltage in the receiver coil, in our case, the S III, which can be used to power the phone or charge the battery. How efficiently the power is transferred depends on the coupling (distance) between the inductors and their quality.


The Wireless Power Consortium is setting a global standard in wireless charging, which means universal wireless adapters and devices can even act as chargers, provided they have a transmitter coil in them. A quick look at their certified product list, as we already see some familiar names like LG, HTC, Motorola, etc have all registered either smartphones or chargers, which use this technology. Samsung is not on that list, but it’s very likely that the rumour may be true. What’s more? We can expect many other smartphones from other manufacturers as well to support this standard.

Published Date: Mar 21, 2012 10:27 am | Updated Date: Mar 21, 2012 10:27 am