Samsung Galaxy S gets Over the Air Froyo Update

We told you a couple of months ago about there being a Froyo update for the Samsung Galaxy S, but that involved quite a bit of cumbersome processes like installing Samsung Kies, etc. However, following a lot of delays over the past couple of months, the promised day has come for owners of our High-end Smartphone of the Year 2010. Samsung have finally started to roll out Over the Air (OTA) updates for Froyo on the I9000 Galaxy S. Android’s version 2.2.1 will bring with it a host of bug fixes, along with performance and stability improvements which will be very welcome changes indeed.

The Frozen Yoghurt release has finally thawed

This has been a good couple of days for fans of Samsung mobiles in India, what with news of them bringing the Nexus S here breaking only yesterday. Samsung’s riding on a wave of popularity right now, and what better way to cash in on it than to give users the update they’ve been clamouring for? Good job, Samsung – now let's just hope the Gingerbread update doesn't take this long.

Published Date: Jan 22, 2011 09:00 am | Updated Date: Jan 22, 2011 09:00 am