Samsung Galaxy R arrives online for a disappointingly high price

One of Samsung’s most awaited Android handsets, the Galaxy R has popped up on online stores like Flipkart and Letsbuy, but for a disappointingly high price. This phone was supposed to be the poor man's Galaxy S II, so naturally we were expecting it to launch for nothing more than 25K. However, a price tag of Rs. 27,000 (Rs. 26,990, to be precise) is just too much, given the recent price drop of the S II, which can be had for a smidge over 27K. What Samsung have done is shot themselves in the foot and rather unfortunately, the Galaxy R could be DOA, if they don’t fix the pricing soon. The phone hasn’t ‘officially’ launched yet, so perhaps we can hope for the best.

A little too late to the party

A little too late to the party


The Galaxy R offers about 80 percent performance of the S II, as Samsung has stripped it off some of the features to make it cheaper. Some of the biggest changes include the screen, which is Super Clear LCD (SLCD), instead of the Super AMOLED Plus and the size has also dropped a little to 4.2 inches. It’s comparatively heavie, as well at 135g. Other reductions include 8GB of storage (16GB on the S II), no Wi-Fi Direct, 5MP shooter with only 720p video recording and a dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 chip, instead of the Exynos.


As you can see, it’s still a powerful phone and would have made a good buy, if the S II was still priced at 30K, but not now. Are you as bummed out about this, as we are?

Published Date: Oct 13, 2011 11:08 am | Updated Date: Oct 13, 2011 11:08 am