Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Rear camera details, dual SIM variants and teaser video released

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is all set to release on 23 August and Samsung does not want the momentum to slow down, it seems. The Korean giant has released a video teaser of the upcoming flagship phone. Apart from this, details pertaining to the dual rear camera and dual SIM variants have also leaked.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Twitter/ @evleaks

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Twitter/ @evleaks

While the teaser does not show the device, you do see a graphical S Pen which goes about crossing words and following them up with other words. So, 'closed' is replaced with 'open', 'follow' is replaced with 'lead', 'talk' is replaced with 'act' and so on. The teaser ends with 'Do bigger things'.

That the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be a big-screen phone is a foregone conclusion. But display is not the only USP this time around. The Galaxy Note 8 is also expected to be the first Samsung phone to sport a dual rear camera setup. According to a report in GSMArena, the dual rear camera will allegedly be housing one 12 MP sensor with dual-pixel autofocus paired with a 13 MP telephoto camera. The 13 MP telephoto camera is expected to provide a 2x fixed optical zoom. Both the camera sensors will come with optical image stabilisation.

The dual rear cameras on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are expected to also offer the background blur effect. According to GSMArena, Samsung took its own sweet time with getting a dual rear camera on its smartphones, and will most likely continue the trend on its high-end smartphones going forward.

In yet another update, Samsung revealed some more information about its upcoming Galaxy Note 8. According to notes on a support page, the Galaxy Note 8 will most likely come in a dual SIM variant for the European markets.

Published Date: Aug 15, 2017 11:21 AM | Updated Date: Aug 24, 2017 15:35 PM