Samsung Electronics may be facing brightness issues with on screen fingerprint sensors

Samsung Electronics is said to be struggling to embed a fingerprint sensor into its displays. According to Android Headline, the new on screen fingerprint technology may be causing brightness issues.

The screen around the fingerprint is becoming brighter as compared to the rest of the screen, making the region stand out as a circular dot. The problem is apparently the reason the company is not commercialising the new on screen fingerprint sensor technology. It could also be the reason why such a sensor will be missing from its upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

The website mentioned that no concrete information has been obtained on how frequent the flaw is. Rumours about the company having issues with its new screen technology spread after the South Korean Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) decided to not include an onscreen fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy Note 8. The company has not mention the cause for not including onscreen technology in its new phone.

Samsung has managed to create successful prototypes of a screen with fingerprint sensors embedded on it. The prototypes haven't faced any problems of regional brightness. The website also mentioned that the devices, Samsungs Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are being praised for their design and capabilities. However, both the phones have an odd positioning for the fingerprint sensor, which has been pointed out by users and reviewers.

Published Date: Jun 19, 2017 21:04 PM | Updated Date: Jun 19, 2017 21:04 PM