Samsung Electronics announces 'Optical Sensor in Pixel' LCD Panel

Samsung Electronics has announced that it has begun the mass production of its 40-inch 'Optical Sensor in Pixel' LCD panels, which feature highly advanced optical sensors, in November, this year. The Optical Sensor in Pixel LCD panel detects reflected images of an object on the panel using Infrared sensors that are built into the panel. With optical sensor in each pixel of the panel, the new panel can assess touch sensitivity compared to existing touch panels, with added accuracy.

Samsung and Microsoft's SUR40 (Image Courtesy - Engadget)

Samsung and Microsoft's SUR40 (Image Courtesy - Engadget)


Using image sensing technology, the Optical Sensor in Pixel panel can detect more than 50 touch points, simultaneously and can display images with Full HD resolution and wide-angle viewing. All of the input functions of a keyboard, mouse or scanner can be carried out on the panel itself. It can be installed in a variety of applications, including table top and wall-mounted types and the tempered glass is strong enough to withstand external loads over 80 kilograms.


As the panel can perform touch and multi-touch sensing and image display simultaneously, it represents a new paradigm for interactive communication, compared to the one-way communication of today's kiosk touch panels.

Samsung's 'optical sensing per pixel' technology can perform accurate image sensing without interrupting the image signals displayed on the panel, so it should be well received by many types of professional consultants, including stock brokers and financial analysts. Also, it can be handily used in eDesk applications for schools or business conference rooms.

The Optical Sensor in Pixel LCD panel has been installed in Samsung’s SUR40 for Microsoft Surface, a table-type PC product, co-developed by Samsung Electronics and Microsoft. The SUR40 has been available for pre-order, since last month.