Samsung could surprise all with Galaxy S4 pricing

With the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4 less than a day away from its India launch, the attention naturally shifts from specs to the pricing of the flagship in India.

Sony and HTC, the two main Android competitors for Samsung, both have their flagships out, but the difference in pricing couldn’t be more stark. Where Sony launched the Xperia Z for around Rs 38,000, HTC has gone for a price tag of Rs 42,900 for its flagship One. Earlier, we had heard that the Galaxy S4 will launch for around Rs 40,000 to undercut the HTC One and aim straight for the Xperia Z’s price. At that price, Samsung would eliminate any advantage its rivals had when launching their phones earlier. It also helps Samsung set its offering apart from the HTC One, said to be the closest competitor for the S4, on the basis of price.


Launch is imminent and price is a crucial factor


Another advantage from such a price is that it will make the S4 even more attractive to those who would have been daunted by a Rs 40,000-plus price. The phone would have nevertheless sold well even at Rs 43,000 or 44,000, but by pricing it at Rs 40,000 or even less, Samsung could garner even higher sales. So we wouldn’t be surprised if the Korean company sticks an official price of Rs 40,000 on the handset. As is the norm, phones sell for less than the company’s official sticker price in the open market. With such a situation also expected to play out with the Galaxy S4, Samsung looks dead on for another spell of domination in the market. At the moment, it looks like HTC’s pricing for the One will work to Samsung’s advantage, even though the One has got rave reviews for its build quality and performance. The Xperia Z has outlived its novelty and has been in the market for nearly two months now.

If the S4 launches for around Rs 40,000 or less, then the only big competitor for it will be the LG Optimus G Pro, which is expected to launch in India at a similar price. The Optimus G Pro will certainly make things interesting for the S4 and add another front to the rivalry between LG and Samsung, who are already embroiled in patent and slander lawsuits back home.

We don’t have to wait too long to see what the official price of the Galaxy S4 will be. We’ll be bringing you all the coverage live from the launch tomorrow. 

Published Date: Apr 25, 2013 02:19 pm | Updated Date: Apr 25, 2013 02:19 pm