Samsung ChatON now available on Windows Phone devices

It comes as no news that the number of apps available for Windows Phone devices have been increasing rapidly. The budding operating system is receiving apps that can certainly help it compete with the likes of iOS and Android. The latest big app to grace the Windows Phone Marketplace is Samsung’s ChatON instant messaging service for Samsung devices.

Now available for Samung Windows Phone devices

Now available for Samsung Windows Phone devices


This instant messaging service is a handy tool, much like the extremely popular Whatsapp messenger. ChatON faces stiff competition from apps, such as Whatsapp, which offer a BBM-like service for free across platforms. Samsung hopes to bridge the gap between popularity and convenience, by adding more support to the app, while also adding lots of unique features to it. ChatON has features, such as Buddy Interactions, which gives you an idea of the most interacted with friends in your contact list. The app is a bit, like social networking as it allows contacts to leave messages on your profile. There’s also support for watching media mentioned in chatrooms. Of course, there are the standard animated and customizable messages that you can send to your friends.

The only operating system that had yet to receive ChatON was Windows Phone, but with it now available, WPCentral has compiled a list of features that can be found here. The highlighted features of this app include a profile page, animated messages (via drawing), location info, calendar, multimedia sharing (and storage), group chat and interaction Rank.

It has been available to Android and iOS over the past year and recently it had also been made available to BlackBerry phones. The app is totally free and the service is cross-platform, which means users across different platforms can send messages to other devices, for free. There are also developments on the Android tablets front - Samsung has released an optimized version of the app for Android tablets now. The iOS version of the app was launched early this year, while the Android app came out in October, last year, along the Bada version.

To download the app, head on to the Windows Phone Marketplace on a Samsung device or head on to the link here to know more about the app.


Published Date: Jun 08, 2012 09:49 am | Updated Date: Jun 08, 2012 09:49 am