Samsung Announces Three Dual-SIM Mobile Phones

It’s been a while but we still got the Samsung Nexus S in India. There’s news that Samsung Russia has announced three dual-SIM phones there. All three mobile phones are targeted at budget users and it shouldn’t be too surprising if these phones do come to India.

Like it or not, the three phones don’t have any catchy names like Champ or Winner (well they didn’t have that in the first place, we’re just giving them ideas!). They’re called the C3322, E2232 and the E1182 and all of them have dual-SIM capabilities.

The C3322 boasts of a metal body which might possibly give a decent look to the handset. There’s no picture of this model, but it is said to have Social Networking Integration along with some other features. Here’s a small look at the specifications of the C3322:

  • 2.2-inch display
  • 2 Megapixel camera
  • 3.5 mm audio jack
  • micro SD card slot

Now there’s no mention about it, but we suppose the phone will have the basic support for Bluetooth if not 3G and Wi-Fi. It’s the costliest of the three and is priced at $150 (approx Rs. 6,700).

Best suited for Indian conditions?

Best suited for Indian conditions?


There aren’t many details of the E2232 which has a dedicated key for quick access to music. It has a 3.5 mm audio jack and a microSD slot. It also looks like it has a flashlight, which probably is a good utility for Indian users. It’s not mentioned but it’s clearly visible that the phone does have a camera. The E2232 is priced at $100 (approx Rs. 4,500) which seems to be a decent price.

WIth some really average features

WIth some really average features


The final phone, the E1182 is priced the lowest but also has very ordinary features. This one doesn’t even have a lot of details given apart from it having a battery life of 11 hours of Talktime or 26 days on Standby. It also has an FM Radio. This one is priced at $75 (approx Rs. 3,350) which looks good provided it has a few more features to offer.

We do have a large chunk of people with a low budget and who end up buying Chinese handsets or phones from lesser known brands. Probably these phones can be a good alternative if they are priced right.

via GSMArena