Saints Row 3 Details Assault the Internet

Video game magazine Game Informer has the exclusive dope on the next Saints Row game and since it’s illegal to post scans, we’re going to do the next best thing and give you a lowdown of the scans.

Customizable Weapons:  Just like we predicted, weapons will be fully customizable this time around.  Not only are they customizable, they're move over the top than ever.  Laser targeting, a helicopter gunner, and a gun that lets you hack into other gangs/pedestrian cars should keep things interesting.

No Competitive Multiplayer:  Volition says that the majority of players enjoyed the co-op and single player more than competitive multiplayer, so it has been cut to focus on the first two.  Expect plenty of content for these modes to keep you happy for months.

Most awesome game ever?

Most awesome game ever?


New City, New Gangs:  Steelport, a run down industrial down, is the new setting.  Stilwater has been taken over by the Syndicate, so expect to be building up an army to wipe them out.  There are also three new gangs in town (Morning Star, Luchadores, and the Deckers), and this time around their story arcs will be more intertwined and cohesive.

The 'Awesome Button':  Holding down the left bumper makes your character sprint, but is also used to modify what your character does.  For example, holding it down while running at a car to hijack it will make your character drop kick through the window and immediately take the wheel.

Leveling System: Unlike the previous games, The Third will introduce an XP system, allowing players to carve their own path for their 'hero'.  XP can be spent upgrading almost everything, from weapon accuracy, damage, melee abilities, to sprint duration and numerous others.

More Insane, More Fun:  This game has been promised to be more over the top than the other two.  With a retooled player creation system, ridiculous weapons, and some bizarre characters, Saints Row: The Third should definitely be on your radar.

Thanks to Examiner for summarizing the preview.

Published Date: Mar 10, 2011 03:00 pm | Updated Date: Mar 10, 2011 03:00 pm