Rustle League hacks Anonymous Twitter account, gives them a taste of their own medicine

The universe seems to have a strange bent of mind today, with the table turning for the hacktivist movement Anonymous once again. YourAnonNews (YAN), which is a Tumbr blog and Twitter account that supports Anonymous, was itself hacked by a group known as the Rustle League. YAN, which posts tweets regularly about breaking news stories, was taken over with a slew of tweets then being issued from the account.

As reported by TNW, the first tweet was published from the @YourAnonNews account at 2:30am PT/ 5:30am ET. The tweet featured a Rustle League hashtag, which showed who was in control of the show. More than a score of tweets were posted from the YAN account. The Twitter handle has over 1 million followers.

No slogans for me, just supporting the cause

Anonymous gets a taste of its own medicine after one of its Twitter accounts gets hacked...


The tweets put up by Rustle League contained a colourful range of racist and potentially offensive language. According to the report, the main Anonymous Twitter account caught the hack first, which they tweeted about, following up with a report shared with Softpedia. While it is unclear whether any aid is being offered to @YourAnonNews by the main group, the report states that Anonymous has notified both Reuters and BBC about the hack via tweets.

This is not the first time Anonymous has been hacked, though. According to an earlier report, another Twitter account, Anonymous Central was hacked in February by Rustle League. Anonymous was later reported having taken back control of the account. 


Anonymous is not the only group under attack by Rustle League though. In the past, a separate Twitter account that was under the control of the People’s Liberation Front, which is allied to Anonymous, has also been hacked today. From the synchronised timing with which tweets were sent out from both accounts, it seems like the attack was a planned one, as well as the work of the same individual or group. From what can be seen on Twitter now, both accounts seem to be sending out normal tweets, which may show that Anonymous may have gotten the situation under control.

Published Date: May 31, 2013 07:29 pm | Updated Date: May 31, 2013 07:29 pm