Rumours suggest Microsoft to bid for Yahoo! again

Microsoft's plans to buy Yahoo! didn’t come through back in 2008. A bid of $44.8 billion was made back then but experts say that the value of the company has dropped to roughly $18 million now. A bunch of companies are looking at Yahoo! and Microsoft is likely the one with the deepest pockets. A Reuters source has said that Microsoft is looking at taking over Yahoo! once again. The news of this has caused Yahoo! stocks to rise by some 9 percent and Microsoft saw a slightly smaller jump than the day before. Some of the potential buyers are Alibaba and DST Global, a Russian investment firm.

Microsoft first showed interest in Yahoo, back in 2008

Microsoft first showed interest in Yahoo, back in 2008



Microsoft is likely to go in for the buyout along with a partner, say sources. According to a Microsoft official, there’s no final decision made yet. If Microsoft goes ahead with the buyout, it would make them stronger than AOL in several ways. Some parties within Microsoft are a bit reluctant in buying Yahoo! as the value and popularity of the service has slowly slipped over the years and a growing company would be a better bet. Yahoo! has seen a lot in the recent past. Carol Bartz, CEO, Yahoo! was fired just last month. Since then, it appears that Yahoo! is open for sale once again. News of the buyout should be more apparent in the weeks to come, if Microsoft or Alibaba decide go ahead with the buyout.


Source: Agencies

Published Date: Oct 06, 2011 03:08 pm | Updated Date: Oct 06, 2011 03:08 pm