Rumours of Google's Music Service Doing the Rounds

For a while now, Google had been dodging around the digital music space with a promise of launching its cloud music service.

This is what it would look like?

This is what it would look like?


No, it hasn’t launched yet, but a rumour of a developer version of the same being out is doing the rounds. Touted as the next version of Android 3.0, Google’s music service software was accidentally pushed by Google to a certain tech review site. The website, displayed a mention saying that it had chanced upon the developer version of the music service. The app now, obviously, has many more takers.

Google’s music service looks at the music streaming scheme of things. Users can upload their music content directly onto Google’s servers, and listen to it whenever they want and wherever they are. According to a report on CNET, the music service by Google has choices related to streaming music. Users can stream music using their Wi-Fi connection, as well as download using their Wi-Fi connection.

Although much is spoken about the music service, Google itself prefers to maintain silence over the issue, since no official word from them has been received yet.

Published Date: Apr 07, 2011 10:10 am | Updated Date: Apr 07, 2011 10:10 am