Rumours: 450MB/s Intel Emcrest SSDs will Arrive Soon

If the latest rumours are to believed, Intel’s new and upgraded SSD lineup, codenamed Emcrest, may be upon us sometime in the month of February this year. Initial reports of such a drive first appeared sometime in October last year.

The Emcrest SSDs will theoretically be far superior to existing hard drives

Fresh rumours state that the new 34nm 2.5-inch SSD drives might support up to 450MB/s and 300MB/s of read and write speeds respectively. The drives will use an upgraded controller and should support SATA6 to take advantage of faster speeds. There are bound to be two models launched - one a 250 GB version priced at around $580 (Rs. 26,500) and the smaller 120 GB version at around $279 (Rs. 12,800).

Published Date: Jan 29, 2011 02:15 pm | Updated Date: Jan 29, 2011 02:15 pm