Rumour suggests Samsung working on Asus Transformer-like tablet

There have been a lot of rumours surfacing over the past few days with respect to Samsung and its forthcoming devices. The latest rumour about Samsung hints at a device that will rival the Asus Transformer, a report by SamMobile notes.

Sources have informed the website that Samsung wants to manufacture a 13.3-inch tablet with a QWERTY dock as an option for those looking for something similar to the Asus Transformer. The report states, “Many people would love to use a tablet but also like to type fast from a QWERTY keyboard. The new 13.3” tablet by Samsung could do both like the Asus Transformer. The insider could not tell us which kind of operation system Samsung will use on this tablet.”

Samsung has been in the news recently for all the right reasons. And with the current rumours floating around, it appears that 2013 will be a good year as well for the brand.

Samsung rumoured to be launching a tablet with a QWERTY keyboard

Samsung rumoured to be launching a tablet with a QWERTY keyboard


Late last month, it was reported that a benchmark on NenaMark had surfaced showing a handset with a model number GT-I9400. If the numbering system so far is anything to go by, this may well be the highly anticipated successor of the Galaxy S III. Another round of rumours suggested that the upcoming flagship smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S IV, will be announced in April 2013 as part of Samsung's Project J.

The major feature associated with the Samsung Galaxy S IV is a 4.99-inch, 1080p display. Rumour mills are also abuzz with news that the smartphone will come equipped with a 13MP camera. This news comes as no surprise because the Samsung Galaxy Note II was supposed to feature these camera capabilities. However, that did not happen. The camera optics of the handset, supplied by Sony, were in short supply. Hence, the optics could not be placed in the handset.

For Samsung to use this camera on its upcoming smartphone, the handset would require more processing power as well as extra RAM, presumably 2GB. If Samsung does use this 13MP camera on its smartphone, then one would be able to capture images at a resolution of 4208 x 3120 pixels.

Another rumour linked with this handset is that it will feature a 2.0GHz quad-core Exynos 5450 processor. It is reported that this chipset will be faster than the one used on the Nexus 10 tablet that was recently introduced by Google; it will be made on a 28nm process.

As mentioned earlier, 2013 is shaping up to be a good year for Samsung. If these rumours turn out to be true and if Samsung does launch these products, it will increase the gap at the top end of the smartphone market.

Published Date: Dec 05, 2012 17:12 PM | Updated Date: Dec 05, 2012 17:12 PM