Rovio's Angry Birds Go! teaser shows new twist to an old favourite

It looks like Rovio is all set to come up with the next installation of its hugely successful Angry Birds series. According to the official website, the new game, titled Angry Birds Go!, will be releasing later in the year and apparently brings users closer than they have ever been to Piggy Island.

Angry Birds is a simple game which revolves around a set of flightless angry birds being vaulted using a giant sling shot against a row of Bad Piggies in order to cause the most amount of damage, and get the most amount of points.

The new game, according to Rovio, is like nothing seen before. An animated trailer that the company has released shows the possibility of the newest installation being some sort of a racing game. How Rovio is planning to do this is still unclear, as the company has not yet released much details about the new release.

Rovio may be looking at a summer release for the latest Angry Birds game

Rovio may be looking at a summer release for the latest Angry Birds game


The trailer showcases what might be Piggy Island, with the words “Ready, Set, Go” appearing on the screen, after which a trail of dust and loose feathers are seen. The parallel to another famous animated bird, the Road Runner cannot be missed.

The company has said that there will be more updates on the same in the summer. This could mean that the title of the game seen in the trailer could change, as could the theories about what could be in the game. Till Rovio is ready to open its beak, it is left to the fans to wait for more news on the game. For now, you can have a look at the trailer here.

Rovio has steadily been expanding on its franchise. In the past, the company has released a range of Angry Birds games which use famous themes like Star Wars, Halloween and space to come up with locations to put the birds in.


As reported earlier, the company has also expanded into the movies category, with tie-ups with the movie Rio and others been seen. In addition, Rovio is also developing its first 3D animated feature film about the flightless birds and their arch-rivals, the Bad Piggies. The Bad Piggies themselves have become so popular that the company has launched a standalone set of games, which have also received the IGN Best of 2012 award. The games are available for the iPhone, iPad, Android, PC and MAC. 

Published Date: Jun 13, 2013 02:01 pm | Updated Date: Jun 13, 2013 02:01 pm