Round Table: What’s up with Windows 8?

With Windows 8 approaching a year in stores and Windows 8.1 release dates out, it’s a good time to see how Microsoft’s touch-centric OS has done. In particular, we wanted to talk about how Windows 8 has taken shape over the past year and the kind of reception it has got from customers.

The new Start Screen, the lack of a Start button and the constant back-and-forth between the desktop and the Start Screen have made Windows users a complaining bunch. Microsoft’s radical ideas for the OS means public opinion on Windows 8 is polarised. Many customers prefer to downgrade to Windows 7 or XP instead of using Windows 8. The learning curve on the OS is quite steep for those who have only just started using Windows. The lack of affordable notebooks and touch systems is also one reason Windows 8 has not gathered as much pace as XP or Windows 7. What does the future hold for Windows? You may have seen some of our older Round Tables, but here’s our first ever video Round Table:



We also touched upon the subject of privacy and email security. What do you think about Google’s latest statement on Gmail privacy? Do send us your comments and also keep an eye out for more Round Tables in the future.

Published Date: Aug 17, 2013 15:01 PM | Updated Date: Aug 17, 2013 15:01 PM