Firstpost welcomes its first community bloggers

When we established, one of our main objectives was to also source intelligent, rational voices from within our audience and have them play a larger role in producing content for the site. We are thrilled to announce that today we have begun setting that plan in motion. Beginning today, "Shining Path" and Subir Ghosh, both of whom have been frequent commenters on Firstpost, will begin blogging for us on a regular basis.

Photo by Jeff Kubina

The reason we chose these two audience members to begin with was because we were impressed by their insights and measured tone across a range of subjects. They did not always agree with our content. But even when disagreeing they did not resort to abuse or aggression, ensuring instead that while disagreeing they added to the value of conversation around the topic.  We are of course still on the look out for many more bloggers from within our audience community and will continue to contact people we feel can make a strong contribution to the website.

The first post by a Firstpost community member is by Shining Path which can be read here. Subir Ghosh's post on tension between Manipur and Nagaland can be accessed here.

Also don't miss this sneak preview of our first television commercial which will hit the airwaves tonight: