Rockstar Games to release Manhunt for PlayStation 3 on May 14

One of the most controversial games that Rockstar has created, Manhunt, will soon be available on the PlayStation 3. The game will hit the PlayStation Store on May 14 and will cost $9.99, which roughly translates to Rs 546. With this, Manhunt joins the likes of the Midnight Club franchise, Bully, all the PlayStation 2 era GTA games and Red Dead Revolver on the Playstation Store.

Manhunt is the first game of the two-game series. It is a psychological horror stealth game. The chief gameplay mechanic revolves around "executions", which are brutal finishing moves that a player can perform after sneaking up on gang members. The longer players wait for an execution, the more drawn-out and elaborate it will become. Top-level executions are rewarded with higher rankings at the end of levels.

Manhunt is coming to the PlayStation 3

Manhunt is coming to the PlayStation 3


Players step into the shoes of Cash, who was a death row inmate. His execution was faked by disgraced Hollywood director Lionel Starkweather. Starweather now makes his own "independent" films that he sells on the black market and has picked out Cash as his newest star. Cash must make it out of an abandoned city alive to win his freedom from Starkweather, but trained thugs belonging to different gangs all want to kill Cash.

The game, along with its sequel, caused a large amount of controversy among people because of its brutal execution sequences and mature themes. Other than that, though, the game was praised for its intense atmosphere and tight gameplay.

The next classic Rockstar game to come to the PlayStation Store will be The Warriors. As of yet, the closest thing we have to a release date for The Warriors on the PS3 is a "soon".

Published Date: May 10, 2013 04:05 pm | Updated Date: May 10, 2013 04:05 pm