RockMelt and Facebook Integrate Deeper

Facebook and social browser, RockMelt have teamed up for even greater integration. You can already manage all your Facebook tasks like friend requests, notifications and messages from RockMelt. Now all of these will be organized on the top left corner of the browser, just like how Facebook has on its own site. Friend requests can be confirmed and messages can be typed up or replied to directly within the browser itself.

Facebook's notification system in RockMelt

Facebook's notification system in RockMelt




Facebook Chat has also been improved with the revamp of Friend Edge. Friend Edge is the feature that allows you to have your friends list along side your browser window. Friends Egde now offers an expandable view with your friends' full names and pictures. You can even search the list for specific friends. You can scroll through the list and move it to the other side of your browser window if you prefer.


When you visit from RockMelt itself, all the redundancies like Friend Requests and Messages have been taken away. The website is a simpler website when viewed within the browser.

Published Date: Jun 15, 2011 11:16 am | Updated Date: Jun 15, 2011 11:16 am