RIP Red Faction?

Yesterday THQ announced their financial results for this fiscal year and the results were rather disappointing. THQ CEO and president Brian Farrell attributes a large chunk of their failure to Volition’s Red Faction Armageddon that failed to make a dent at sales even though it was promoted rather heavily via a graphic novel and a short animated movie. He went on to say that even Red Faction Guerilla didn’t sell too well forcing THQ to abandon this franchise for now, giving developer Volition time to work on the Saints Row series as well as their upcoming horror game with director Guillermo Del Toro.




Frankly speaking I’m a bit surprised with this news as both games got pretty decent reviews across the board. Sure Red Faction Armageddon was a step down for the franchise deviating from the awesome, destructive open world formula laid down by Guerilla but I never thought the games sold this poorly. Oh well, just goes to show that sometimes even the good stuff doesn’t sell.

Thanks to Gameinformer for the heads up.


Published Date: Jul 29, 2011 10:07 am | Updated Date: Jul 29, 2011 10:07 am