RIM’s Q2 results are out, disappointing, but hopeful

RIM’s new financial results for previous three months have been announced, and they seem quite disappointing, according to a report by GSMArena. The company has disclosed their profits for Q2 and this definitely helps in gauging how successful BlackBerry’s PlayBook tablet has been, and yes, it’s been a disappointment so far – with only 200,000 tablets shipped in the last three months.

RIM's Q2 results are disappointing

RIM's Q2 results are disappointing but provide some hope for the future



Owing to this, RIM’s profit is slacking and the results of the past three months are $239 million, as compared to the $695 million in the previous quarter or $797 million at the same time, last year. There’s a bit of good news as well, as 10.6 million BlackBerry smartphones have been sold in the last three months. Plus, their newly launched BlackBerry OS 7 has been impressive so far, and that might further help in boosting RIM’s sales and hence, profits. 


However, if RIM does want to get back to the pedestal where it was earlier, there’s still plenty of room for improvement. Windows Phone 7 Mango is looking promising; Google’s Android Sandwich is releasing in October and Apple’s iPhone 5 is slated to launch this fall, as well. Competition is heating up, and RIM will need to have an ace up its sleeve, if it needs to make a mark for itself.