RIM demos solution to tap BBM, awaits government nod

In an bid to appease the Indian government, who continue to worry about the growing security concerns surrounding the encrypted nature of BlackBerry's messenger service, BBM, maker RIM has devised a plan, reports The Economic Times. The Canada-based manufacturer has demonstrated an auto-solution using which it will be possible to tap into the messenger. While the government is yet to give its view on this, a lot seems to have happened on the RIM front.


More power to the chat

Auto-solutions to the rescue?



The fact that the corporate email service, which RIM offers to its BlackBerry users had given the security agents sleepless nights, because they were encrypted and hence, difficult to process isn't unknown. Reportedly, now, RIM's corporate clients have agreed to share (decode) the mails of their employees, whom they suspect of mischief-making. However, the same report also states that the government hasn't got back on as to for how long clients of RIM's corporate email services would have part with transcripted mails. This means that now RIM doesn't have to share any encryption keys with the government to maintain transparency and security. 


This bit of information comes as an update to what has been going on between RIM officials and the Indian government over issues of security. Talks between the two continue to move between agreement and otherwise, and had even reached a point where DoT threated RIM of a ban, if they didn't comply, but later, called it undesirable if RIM complies. 

Published Date: Nov 09, 2011 03:32 pm | Updated Date: Nov 09, 2011 03:32 pm